File submission rules

The desired final
layout format:
Press Quality PDF.
Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4).
Open-type final
layout formats:
InDesign, Illustrator,
Corel Draw (v12).
the file to:
the file in:
USB flash

General terms

  • The file must be designed in Press Quality PDF file format, PDF version 1.4 (compatible with Acrobat 5).
  • The PDF file has to be Composite and it may only contain vector and raster images in CMYK colour scheme and/or PMS (Pantone Matching System) SPOT colours.
  • The PDF file has to contain crop marks.
  • The trim size should be horizontally and vertically aligned to the PDF file size, with 3 mm bleeds on all edges.
  • Image resolution: 300 dpi.
  • All fonts must be converted to curves. In case the text of some file cannot be converted to curves, the fonts must be compressed to a .zip file and attached as a separate folder.
  • All indicated objects/images must be attached (TIFF or EPS).
  • Use crop marks to indicate folding, creasing and perforating places.
  • The final layout file may contain vector and raster images only in CMYK colour scheme and/or PMS SPOT colours.
  • All black texts must be 100% BLACK.
  • Final trim size bleed should be 3-5 mm on all edges.
  • For final layouts, as per the default setting, 100% black colour is set for overprint, please give specific instructions in advance, in case there is no such need.
  • For final layouts with other PMS SPOT colours, overprints are set manually, based up necessity.
  • All images must be in TIFF or EPS file format, no compression or DCS will be accepted.
  • All images must be in CMYK (300 dpi), Grayscale (300 dpi) or Bitmap (1200 dpi) resolution.
  • No transparent objects may be left in the files; they must be converted into raster objects.
  • Attach to the submitted work an approved layout of the printed file.
  • Fonts must be embedded in a PDF document, flatten the PDF (flatten layers).

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